Is Real Time with Bill Maher new tonight, June 9th, 2017?

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Is Real Time with Bill Maher back with a new episode tonight, June 9th, 2017? Fortunately, we have the answer for you right here!

Alright, you’ve clicked the link, and you wound up on this website. That means you’re looking for the answer to the question above. Will Bill Maher be back tonight on HBO to do what he does best?

The answer is YES, tonight will feature an all new Real Time episode premiering on HBO!

As you can expect, Maher has several guests joining him for the show tonight. These include Ice Cube, Michael Eric Dyson, David Jolly, Symone Sanders, and David Gregory. Maher always has a fun time with his guests and I wouldn’t expect this to be any exception.

I always can’t help but wonder. What’s Maher going to talk about tonight? I say that because there is certainly no shortage of material. Every week, President Trump comes out with more and more scandals to poke fun at. To be honest, it’s hard to keep up, but surely, Maher is going to try!

For a quick recap, here’s the details of tonight’s new episode:

Date: Friday, June 9th
Start Time: 10 p.m. ET
Guests: Ice Cube, Michael Eric Dyson, David Jolly, Symone Sanders, David Gregory
TV Channel: HBO
Live Stream: HBO GO

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You’ve gotta love Bill Maher! I don’t know what we would do without him. The fifteenth season of Real Time will come to an end in just a few weeks, which will make our Friday nights much more barren.