Stephen Colbert exposes Eric Trump charity scandal

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On last night’s The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert spoke about how Donald Trump and son Eric pocketed money meant for sick children.

By now, the American president’s name has become synonymous with the word “scandal”. It’s baffling how many scandals and controversies President Trump already has under his belt. Somebody call Guinness, because he seems to be setting a new record.

But the shadiness of the Trump family isn’t limited to the presidential patriarch. As Colbert exposed on last night’s Late Show, Trump’s American Psycho looking son Eric is now facing some backlash after his own scandal had been uncovered. Despicably, it involves the Trumps taking charity money meant to go to St. Jude’s Hospital, and pocketing large amounts of it for themselves.

Apparently, The Eric Trump Foundation has been using golf outings to raise money for kids with cancer. Sounds noble, until you learn about what happened once the Donald got involved. Although Eric would tell donors that all of the money was going to charity, the Trumps were funneling a big portion of it into their own businesses. Totaling up to over one million dollars, this charity-stealing is thievery at its absolute worst.

All the while, Colbert can’t help but take several jabs at Trump’s appearance. This includes comparing him to Odo from Deep Space Nine, Voldemort with hair, or “Beavis plus Butt-head”. Sadly enough, they’re all very accurate.

You can watch the entire take down in the video below.

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With Donald for a father, I suppose there shouldn’t be too much of a surprise here. Still, it’s sickening to hear about these kinds of things. Is there even a line that the Trumps won’t cross?

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