Stephen Colbert arrives late to the Covfefe party

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After taking all of last week off, Stephen Colbert finally got to Donald Trump’s Covfefe fiasco on last night’s episode of The Late Show.

Did Stephen Colbert miss the Covfefe train? He doesn’t seem to think so!

I’m sure all of us can remember Donald Trump’s “Covfefe” tweet. It seems like so long ago, considering each new day brings new Trump mishaps. But it was just last week when the blunder was receiving late night attention all week long.

While getting back into his groove last night on The Late Show, Colbert spoke about Trump’s latest mistakes and bad decisions. After taking some shots at the president over his “travel ban”, Colbert gets into the notorious Covfefe typo. He proves that making fun of Trump for this thing all this time later is still funny. At least when coming from the king of late night TV.

Colbert notes that the tweet had been put out nearly a week ago, he wasn’t going to miss his chance to talk about it. First, he sums up the quick version of the story: a Trump tweet abruptly ended with the made up word “covfefe”, and six hours later, he acts like he meant to do it. It’s so absurd that Colbert has a hard time keeping a straight face.

Mocking Trump, Colbert imagines his taking this same approach to all his other mistakes. One of his tweets would then sound a lot like this: “Who can figure out the true reason I inflicted my corrosive vortex of paranoia, wounded ego, and stifling inhumanity on this great nation ??? Enjoy!”

You can watch Colbert’s take on Covfefe in the YouTube video below.

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It was lonely last week without having our good friend Colbert to hang out with on weeknights. So happy to have him back on the air. Keep up the awesome work Stephen!