Watch Trevor Noah’s ‘Covfefe: The Movie’ trailer

Covfefe - credit: Comedy Central
Covfefe - credit: Comedy Central /

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah stars in a parody movie trailer for Covfefe, based on a “true typo” made by US President Donald J. Trump.

You know annoying it is when you mess up a word, and people laugh at you for it? Where even if you correct yourself, others will hem and haw and make it a big deal. It may be just gentle ribbing, but it still can be pretty irritating and embarrassing.

Right now, Donald Trump is experiencing this feeling on the biggest scale imaginable. After his now infamous tweet with the made-up word “covfefe”, everyone has been ridiculing the Donald nonstop. To have a couple of friends laughing at you about a blunder like this is one thing. Having the entire world mocking you relentlessly for it is another.

Last night, Trevor Noah took to The Daily Show to get in on the covfefe craze. In a faux movie trailer for a film called Covfefe, Noah “stars” as an African boy actually named Covfefe. After the covfefe tweet from Trump blows up in the news, Covfefe sets out to learn the true story about his name.

You can watch the fake trailer in the YouTube video below, courtesy of Comedy Central.

This is hilarious, and to be quite honest, I’m a little sad it’s not real. I know that this is really just an embarrassing typo for the president, but I’ve got to admit I’m having a lot of fun watching the fallout. You know it has to be driving the Trumpster crazy.

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We’re all laughing now, but surely the covfefe fad will die down when Trump makes his next big blunder. Which could be, well, any second now. That man just never stops giving comedians material.