FCC clears Stephen Colbert of any penalties over Trump joke

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Stephen Colbert stirred up some controversy with a vulgar joke about Donald Trump, but the FCC is declining to penalize the Late Show host.

It looks like Stephen Colbert wins again in his feud with the Commander in Chief, Mr. Donald J. Trump!

You might recall the story from a few weeks back about an “offensive” joke from The Late Show. Colbert haters were quick to label the joke as “homophobic”, beginning an unsuccessful #FireColbert campaign. But while CBS didn’t cut Colbert loose, the complaints still forced the FCC to investigate.

The joke in question was about Trump and Vladimir Putin. Basically, Colbert refers to Trump’s mouth as “Vladimir Putin’s c–k holster”. The offensive word was bleeped and Colbert’s mouth was pixelated. But just the insinuation of oral sex between Trump and Putin ruffled the feathers of Trump supporters everywhere.

You can take a look at the rant in question below.

The rant that broke the camel’s back.

After an official FCC investigation, it has been concluded that Colbert will face no penalties as a result of the joke. Several factors were put into consideration, such as the fact that the word was censored and the joke aired late at night. According to inquisitr, an FCC spokesman confirmed the decision with a statement:

"“Consistent with standard operating procedure, the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau has reviewed the complaints and the material that was the subject of these complaints… The Bureau has concluded that there was nothing actionable under the FCC’s rules.”"

Additionally, even the PTC are siding with the FCC and Colbert. While agreeing that Colbert’s joke was “crude”, they admit that it was protected speech and backed the FCC’s decision. It seems Trump and the few (yet loud) viewers that cried about it are just all alone on this one.

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It’s good to know that the tears of those offended weren’t quite enough to wash Colbert’s TV show away. No matter what the bitter president says, Colbert’s show isn’t dying, and the King of Late Night TV isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.