Relive Better Call Saul’s best season yet in tonight’s marathon

Better Call Saul! Credit: AMC
Better Call Saul! Credit: AMC /

The Breaking Bad companion series Better Call Saul is on hiatus until next week, so AMC is running a Season 3 marathon tonight in its place.

If you’re one of those fans who’ve given up on Better Call Saul early in its lifespan, you’re really missing out. Those still around know that the show has been killing it in its third season. The show has really come into its own and I’m enjoying it just as much as its parent series.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a new episode of Better Call Saul on tonight. New episodes will return to AMC on Monday, June 5. After some fantastic storytelling in the show’s most recent episodes, it’s particularly painful to have to wait another week to continue.

However, AMC is still giving us our Saul Goodman fix for the evening to make up for it. They’re doing a marathon of all of Season 3 thus far. The marathon begins on AMC at 5 p.m. EST.

I’ve been a fan since day one, but Season 3 is by far the show’s best work. This will give me a chance to relive what has been one hell of a season for this amazing series. I can’t honestly think of anything about this show that I don’t like. But the tumultuous relationship between Chuck and Jimmy, culminating in that incredible courtroom showdown, has been nothing short of stellar television writing.

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Better Call Saul returns on June 5 with all new episodes. Tonight’s marathon starts on AMC at 5 p.m. EST.