Trump makes up with Comey in The Simpsons spoof

The Simpsons on FOX
The Simpsons on FOX /

In a new video released online, The Simpsons tackles the Comey/Trump fiasco to poke fun at the entire Trump Administration.

It’s not just the late night comedians like Stephen Colbert who are ripping President Trump about this James Comey thing. Animated programs are also getting in on the act!

I’ll rewind a bit just in case you’re not entirely familiar with this James Comey thing. Basically, the FBI had been investigating Donald Trump and his friends’ alleged ties to Russia. During this investigation, Trump suddenly fired FBI Director James Comey. To say that it looks shady as hell would be a tremendous understatement.

In a video just released over the weekend, The Simpsons has taken to YouTube to spoof the Comey controversy. The video shows Trump denying his ties to Russia while trying to make up with Comey. But you can also expect to see cameos from all of the most prominent members of the clown car that is Donald Trump’s administration — such as Mike Pence rubbing the “Vice” part off of his “Vice President” name plate.

You can watch the entire video for yourself in the YouTube clip below.

I found this video to be hilarious the entire way through. But my favorite moment has to be the cameo from the ghost of Richard Nixon. It appears Nixon’s happy that there’s finally a new president even worse than he was.

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The Simpsons has just completed its 28th season on Fox. But through the magic of the internet, they can still stick it to the Trumpster even when they’re currently off the air. Bless those wonderful people behind the scenes at The Simpsons.