God stops by Late Show again to bash Donald Trump

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The world’s most famous religious deity, God, stopped by The Late Show last night to talk about how Donald Trump is getting too ‘needy’.

The presidency of Donald Trump isn’t just baffling to us mere mortals. Our heavenly father has His own problems with the Trumpster as well. At least, that’s what “He” said on a previous appearance on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show.

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Of course, “God” in this scenario is just a holographic image projected on the studio ceiling. Still, though it may be a fictional representation of our lord, his appearance was hilarious. So now as Trump’s crazy (and possibly soon to be ending) presidency continues, God once again made another stop on The Late Show last night.

On the episode, Colbert spoke about Trump’s current overseas trip as the president. He’s now visiting Rome, making Colbert ponder whether Trump is trying to get in touch with God. With that, a familiar booming voice can be heard, as God makes His presence known in the studio.

“Yeah, you got that right, Stephen!” He says, with His image displayed on the ceiling. Not wasting the opportunity to ask some questions, Colbert asks God what He thinks about Trump visiting so many holy sites. “I don’t know. You pray with three major religions in one week?” God says. “Seems a little needy. Come on, buy a God a drink first!”

The two speak a little more about President Trump, and it’s clear God isn’t Trump’s biggest fan. He takes several jabs at the president, even joking that Trump asked Him to stop the James Comey investigation. God jokes that he can’t get involved due to separation of church and state. Plus, he just really wants to see that “pee tape”.

You can watch the whole bit in the video below.

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Being overseas, Trump probably won’t see the clip above. But it’s sure to get back to him and enrage the president. Keep up the good work, Colbert.