Saturday Night Live has best ratings in over 20 years

SNL - Credit: NBC
SNL - Credit: NBC /

Despite President Trump’s predictions that Saturday Night Live would tank, its newest season was the most watched in over 20 years.

Ever since Alec Baldwin started his iconic Donald Trump impressions on Saturday Night Live, it’s clear the president has never been a fan. He’s taken to Twitter many times to bash both Baldwin and SNL, straight up saying it’s a “terrible” show. The Trumpster even once told Matt Lauer, “Who knows how long that show is going to be on?”

Although Trump had been predicting the show would tank in light of the “unfunny” impressions, the truth is actually the opposite. Per The Washington Post, the NBC sketch comedy show had an incredibly successful season. In fact, Season 42 is the most watched SNL season in 23 years! The show isn’t tanking like Trump had been hoping for, and is in fact, thriving.

A lot of that success can probably be attributed to Trump himself. His constant complaints about Baldwin’s impersonations only calls more attention to it. Does the president not realize he’s only giving the show free advertising? Knowing it bothers Donald so much only encourages more people to watch.

This season has seen a lot of political humor. It’s not like Trump doesn’t give them tons of material every single week. By being such an incredibly easy punching bag to work with, Trump has been fueling SNL with the jokes they need to gain a rise in popularity.

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But if it’s any consolation for the president, SNL is officially on hiatus with Season 42 over. The show is off for the summer and won’t be back until the fall. But don’t think Trump is getting off so easy. Stephen Colbert will still be around to rip him a new one on weeknights.