Colbert talks directly to GOP health care bill

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Stephen Colbert brought the actual GOP health care bill on The Late Show as a guest, and even the bill itself baffled by what’s written on it.

Nobody has been shredding the GOP over this disastrous Trumpcare bill as much as Stephen Colbert. And the destruction still isn’t over yet!

The GOP health care bill recently passed by House Republicans isn’t going over well at all with Americans. It doesn’t help when they defend its passage by saying things like, “Nobody dies because they don’t have access to healthcare.” Although Colbert jokes that this inane statement is actually true — people actually die from “saying things like that to an angry mob who have nothing to lose.”

To help learn some more about this embarrassment of a bill, Colbert invited the bill itself to appear on The Late Show. Channeling School House Rock, the bill is very similar to the one from the “I’m Just a Bill” song. But the trouble here is that even this bill itself doesn’t realize what’s written on it, and is devastated to find out.

“Well, at least I cover pre-existing conditions!” the bill shrieks upon learning 24 million people will lose health insurance. When it learns the truth, it can only respond by realizing that he’s a monster. But the worst news is yet to come when Colbert reveals to the bill who his creator is.

You can watch the entire segment in the YouTube video below.

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It’s clear that nobody likes this bill, and not even the bill itself. One can only hope the GOP gets the message, but it’s doubtful.