Stephen Colbert reunites with his Daily Show colleagues

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Stephen Colbert had all of his former colleagues from The Daily Show as guests on The Late Show last night, and seeing them together again is magic.

Would you call this dream team “The Avengers of Late Night TV”?

Stephen Colbert might be the king of late night TV, pulling in the highest ratings out of all his competitors. But his biggest fans have never forgotten his roots. Before The Late Show, and even before The Colbert Report, Stephen first got our attention as a correspondent on The Daily Show.

Thinking back to his humble beginnings, Colbert brought out all of his former colleagues on The Late Show last night. That’s right — Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Ed Helms, Samantha Bee, and Rob Corddry were all in the building at the same time! As Colbert himself says on the show, it’s really like there’s magic in the studio.

Colbert wasn’t missing the chance to put together a hilarious new skit featuring all of these superstars. With the help of all of the others, he presents a skit of his “last day” as a correspondent for The Daily Show in 2005. As Colbert packs his belongings, his co-workers stop by to see him one by one (John Oliver plays the part of Steve Carell). It features a lot of funny foreshadowing, such as Rob Corddry naming Bill Cosby and Jared Fogle as his biggest heroes. “They will never let you down,” Colbert tells him.

The segment culminates in Jon Stewart showing up in the room to a huge ovation from the crowd. In character, the entire group gears up for that night’s show. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have all these people in the same room! Watch the entire clip for yourself below, followed by footage the actual reunion on The Late Show.

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This was one of the best Late Show episodes I’ve ever seen! Let’s hope Colbert can get the old gang back for another one in the future.