Seth Meyers responds to Paul Ryan email defending AHCA

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After Paul Ryan actually wrote to Late Night with Seth Meyers to defend the GOP health care bill, Meyers show how the response is just as dumb.

On last night’s Late Night, Seth Meyers dove into the AHCA for his A Closer Look segment. He begins by talking about how then-President Obama warned Donald Trump not to hire Michael Flynn. Trump did anyway, and is now using the defense that he thought Obama was “joking” about the warning. Meyers has some fun laughing at that one.

Meyers then dives into the AHCA, showing some clips of congressmen trying to defend it over the weekend. The most satisfying of these clips has to be a woman telling a congressman his “days are numbered” straight to his face. But the most baffling clip is of a politician literally saying that “nobody dies because they don’t have access to healthcare.” Meyers compares that to saying that the fall out of a window isn’t what kills you, it’s the pavement below that does.

The best part of the whole take down is Meyers bringing up an email the show received from Paul Ryan’s camp. After the show criticized the AHCA last week, Ryan’s team tried to defend it. For example, they said that the bill had been online for a month, and the only change had been a recent three page amendment. Meyers points out that a lot can happen in three pages, so voting for the bill without reading that amendment is still insane. As the Late Night host puts it:

"“That’s like saying, ‘I made you a cappuccino with hot water, sugar, espresso, and one other ingredient.’ You would say, ‘Well, what’s the other ingredient, Mr. Cosby?'”"

You can watch the entire hilarious video below.

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Is Paul Ryan going to send another email in response to this take down? One can only hope, because the response would be hilarious.