Odd White House conference call has Colbert losing it

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS /

Stephen Colbert is having way too much fun playing a White House conference call which ends up becoming a total disaster.

On last night’s The Late Show, Colbert spent some time talking about the newest controversies in politics. He begins by talking about Donald Trump’s decision to fire Angella Reid, the chief usher of the White House. It’s controversial as Reid is just the second African American and only the first woman to ever hold the position. Colbert jokes that it took her a while to find the exit, though, “because there was no one available to show her the door.”

Colbert moves on to the topic of the hour, the GOP’s health care bill. He plays a TV ad of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello of Virginia, which has a crusher smashing an ambulance. Perriello uses it as a metaphor to say that this is what Republicans are doing to healthcare. For his part, Colbert mentions that “it seems like a waste of a perfectly good ambulance; until you realize, without health care, we won’t need them anymore.”

The Late Show host then gets into a recent conference call with reporters and White House budget director Mick Mulvaney. Things go “off the rails” pretty quickly when classical music suddenly starts playing on the line. Mulvaney loses his composure when he can’t get the music to stop, commenting that the call was going to be a “disaster.” While eating popcorn and laughing, Colbert agrees that it is going to be a disaster, as they’re just getting started.

Colbert plays additional clips from the disastrous call, with that classical music playing all the while. This includes Mulvaney breaking up, completely unable to be heard while giving his answers, while robotic beeps start playing. Eventually, a woman on the line literally screams, “This is unbelievable!” That’s when Colbert completely loses it, dying inside laughing over the whole debacle.

You can watch the entire video below.

The whole thing culminates in a saxophone solo with more robotic beeps, putting a perfect ending to a total disaster of a conference call.