SNL’s Celebrity Family Feud: Super Bowl Edition (video)


Saturday Night Live introduced a Super Bowl edition of Celebrity Family Feud this past weekend, featuring Leslie Jones as Samuel L. Jackson.

It was a wild weekend with one of the most memorable Super Bowls in NFL history, but there’s a good chance that you might have missed a couple of the sketches from this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

By now you’ve probably seen the sketches like the cold open featuring Steve Bannon as Death and the legendary segment with Melissa McCarthy as White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

However, you may have messed one of the sketches that SNL put together to get ready for the Super Bowl. With Kenan Thompson as Steve Harvey, the cast put together a Super Bowl edition of Celebrity Family Feud, pitting celebrities who were fans of both the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots against each other.

There were plenty of great fake celebrities in the sketch. For the Falcons fans, Leslie Jones dressed up as Samuel L. Jackson while Beck Bennett dressed up as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. For the Patriots fans, this week’s host Kristen Stewart dressed as Gisele Bundchen and Bobby Moynihan put on a hoodie to impersonate Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

You can watch the entire segment in the YouTube video below.

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This week’s episode of Saturday Night Live may not have been the strongest one this season, but it was definitely funny to see Kate McKinnon dress up as pop star Justin Bieber. Hopefully this isn’t the last time we see that impersonation.