30 most shocking late night scandals

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Late night TV can sometimes be the source of controversy for both the hosts of the shows and their guests, so we’re running through 30 of the most shocking late night scandals.

Late night television is not always a fun time with hilarious jokes and softball questions. Sometimes, there is major drama happening behind-the-scenes. Other times certain guests or TV hosts might make headlines through their strange behavior. Let’s go through the 30 most shocking late night scandals, starting with…

30. Jay Leno hides in the closet to eavesdrop on NBC bosses’ meetings

Ever since the 1990s, there’s been rumors about Jay Leno eavesdropping on his bosses. He was said to hide in a closet attached to executive Warren Littlefield’s office, listening to the higher-ups discuss his show. Other late night personalities, such as Arsenio Hall, would even joke about Jay’s closet-hiding antics.

But it would remain nothing more than a rumor until 2014, when Jay would finally cop up to it himself. Leno says in an interview that he hid in the closet not only once, but twice. But he also claims he has a legitimately good reason for doing so.

At the time, Leno did not have an agent or a manager. There was nobody negotiating with the bosses for him. He insists he had to know what was going on, and listening in is what helped him save his job.