Alec Baldwin returns as Donald Trump to address Muslim travel ban (Video)


SNL returned tonight and didn’t waste any time in addressing the Muslin travel ban that Donald Trump ordered late last month.

Saturday Night Live was off last week, but that only gave writers more time to find a way to address all that Donald Trump has done in his first three weeks as President. The biggest thing that happened was a travel ban put out on seven predominately Muslim countries and the travelers trying to enter the United States from those territories.

The ban — which many have called xenophobic and unlawful — has sparked protests in airports across America and throughout the world. It also sparked SNL to get back on the Trump troll train that they’ve been acting conductor of since his run to the Oval Office began.

It’s generally accepted that the cold open is reserved for some sort of political skit and that’s consistently been the case this season. Tonight was no exception, as the week off that SNL took meant that the pipes were a bit clogged with what they could choose from to open the show.

One thing that SNL finally did was address the existence of Steve Bannon. He’s largely been seen as the “real” president, but has been absent from all Trump skits. That changed tonight, when Bannon was represented by death — literally.

The show was never afraid to troll Trump before he was elected, but now it seems that the writers have taken it upon themselves to be the voice of venting for America. Not every American is against Trump, but tens of millions voted for someone else and hundreds of thousands have spent their weekends protesting in the streets.

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Alec Baldwin will be hosting next week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, which means we’re going to likely get a heavy dose of the Trump trolling. So long as SNL remains witty and intelligent in their takedowns and trolls, there’s really nothing to complain about. That’s the intellectual humor some need right now, and so far Saturday Night Live has rarely come up empty.