James Corden’s journey through LAX during the travel ban (Video)

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In a personal video from James Corden, the host of The Late Late Show, he is documenting his journey through Los Angeles International Airport during the refugee ban.

Like many other late night hosts, Corden is using his platform to voice his opinion on Trump’s refugee ban. His delivery is much different than most of the other hosts, using few words and a very short video.

There are no insults or jabs towards Trump and his administration, just a polite Corden making his way through LAX.

During his regular shows Corden is always very outgoing and bubbly, but in this video he is showing a much more quiet and somber side. With few words, the video is very impactful.

This style of filming in this video is much more personal. There is no camera crew or elaborate set, he is simply filming himself as he goes through the airport. Corden doesn’t address the camera at all during the clip.

Aside from the group of protesters outside the airport, it seems to be a normal journey through the airport.

The most impactful part of the video isn’t the video itself, but the closing words. With a couple of simple sentences on screen the point of the video is very apparent.

If you want to watch the video of James Corden’s journey through LAX you can watch the video on YouTube below.

As Corden quickly and easily makes his way through the airport, it makes you think about those who don’t have that luxury.

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