30 things we need to see in The Walking Dead Season 7B

The Walking Dead - photo by Gene Page/AMC
The Walking Dead - photo by Gene Page/AMC /
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Greg Nicotero – Photo: AMC /

4. More Greg Nicotero homages to classic horror movies

Before executive producing The Walking Dead, Greg Nicotero has spent his entire life in the horror genre. The FX wizard has lent his talents to many different titles over the years. It’s clear he has an immense respect for the genre. That’s something he continues to prove through his work on this show. It’s not uncommon at all for Nicotero to insert references to horror movies at different times on the show.

Eagle eyed horror movie fans will have already noticed several homages to various classic films. For example, various zombies from George A. Romero movies have already been shown. This includes iconic biters Bub from Day of the Dead and Flyboy from Dawn of the Dead. The crate from the horror anthology film Creepshow has made it to The Walking Dead as well.

Earlier this season, we saw the iconic “Fulci zombie” from the beloved classic Zombi 2. Nicotero has also confirmed that another legendary zombie, Dr. Tongue, will be appearing in Season 7B. Who knows what other horror movie references we’ll be seeing on the show. But looking for them is always fun, so here’s hoping there’s more to come in the new episodes.