30 things we need to see in The Walking Dead Season 7B

The Walking Dead - photo by Gene Page/AMC
The Walking Dead - photo by Gene Page/AMC /
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The Walking Dead - Credit: Gene Page/AMC
The Walking Dead – Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

3. Dwight to go rogue and betray Negan

As The Walking Dead goes on, it becomes less clear who the good guys and bad guys are. As the saying goes, I guess it’s just all shades of gray. Most everyone has made some very questionable choices by this point. Though it seems like many of those decisions had a wrong answer either way.

One of the greatest examples of a “shades of gray” character is Dwight. This guy really seems to be someone who has a good heart, but prioritizes his wife Sherry above all else. Doing anything he must to keep her safe, Dwight will harm or kill others if necessary. And that includes sending an arrow through Dr. Denise’s face and keeping Daryl prisoner at the Sanctuary.

But as we got to know Dwight, we understood his reasons. Negan took Sherry as his own wife (one of many) and melted D’s face with a hot iron. Dwight would recover and swear loyalty to Negan, eventually becoming one of Negan’s top guys. But it’s definitely clear Dwight doesn’t care at all for Negan, only doing what he’s told to keep himself and Sherry safe.

Dwight could play a very important role in taking Negan down. If he learns about the communities forming an uprising, maybe he’ll want to play a part in that. It’s admittedly hart to trust him. But this will be one way he can really prove himself.