30 things we need to see in The Walking Dead Season 7B

The Walking Dead - photo by Gene Page/AMC
The Walking Dead - photo by Gene Page/AMC /
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The Kingdom (Photo: AMC)
The Kingdom (Photo: AMC) /

10. The major communities forming a powerful alliance

There are currently three major communities on the show right now. The first, obviously, is the Alexandria Safe Zone. Rick took over as the leader following Deanna’s demise. Things were going relatively okay until the Saviors showed up. Realizing how massive the numbers are with Negan’s people, Rick eventually realized he was heavily outnumbered. That’s why he begrudgingly goes along with working for Negan.

Meanwhile, King Ezekiel runs things at the Kingdom. It’s been revealed that Ezekiel is well aware of Negan and has been giving his own donations to the Saviors. To keep his people from panicking, Ezekiel doesn’t tell any of them about the Saviors, keeping the weekly donations a secret to protect them.

Then you’ve got Jesus and Gregory over at the Hilltop. Gregory’s running things, but is struggling doing so. He cowardly goes along with what Negan is demanding from him. But it’s still clear he wants Negan gone, as he conspired with Rick to take them out.

On their own, these three communities could be destroyed by Negan. But, together, hey can be one hell of a brutal force. Their common enemy demands that these three locations band together and I want to see it happen soon.