The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 8: Most shocking moments

Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Credit: Gene Page/AMC /
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The Walking Dead is back in the game with an incredibly intense midseason finale, and I’m here to take you through its most shocking moments.

The Walking Dead is back! Many fans of the series have been tuning out since the Season 7 premiere. It might be because there have been so many bottle episodes this season. Fortunately, they were all building up to the amazing episode that is “Hearts Still Beating”.

I’m going to take us through the episode’s most shocking moments. But first, let me take the chance to warn you about SPOILERS just in case you’re not caught up.

5. Negan’s beard is the first victim of the episode

Remember when Rick would first settle into Alexandria? He almost immediately shaved off his growing beard. Fans all across social media were decrying the “death” of Rick’s beard, a true casualty of the show.

But I guess Alexandria just has that effect on people. With Negan waiting around for Rick, he makes himself right at home. Literally, as he even shaves off his own beard with Rick’s shaver. Negan cleans himself up to prepare for a spaghetti dinner with Olivia and the Grimes children. And so goes another beard on the show.

Negan shaving does make him look a lot more like his comic counterpart. But TV Negan had already established his facial hair, making it look peculiar once he took it off.