The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 8: Most shocking moments

Credit: Gene Page/AMC
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Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

4. Daryl obliterates Fat Joey during his grand escape

Okay, so it seems Daryl is a little nuts. I’m not saying I wouldn’t be in his situation. “Easy Street” is a rockin’ song, but probably around the hundredth time hearing it, I’d start going bonkers. Compound that with nothing to eat but Alpo sandwiches, and most of us would be loony bin appropriate after just a couple days.

So thinking about all of that, maybe this moment shouldn’t be too shocking. But it still kind of was. After somebody slipped Daryl a key to escape the Sanctuary, he ends up sneaking his way out. As he heads outside, however, one of the guards finally sees him. This is none other than the man Negan calls “Fat Joey”, who is more shocked to see Daryl than vice versa.

Fat Joey pleads with Daryl to spare him. He insists that he’s just trying to “make it”, same as Daryl is. Joey insists that he’ll let Daryl slip out the exit he’s supposed to be guarding. For a second, it seems Daryl is going to believe him.

Nope. Daryl instead smashes Fat Joey’s head in. I thought maybe he’d take pity on the rotund Savior, knowing how many are forced to do Negan’s bidding. But the Saviors are so afraid of Negan that Joey was likely to betray Daryl, or even start screaming for help at any second. Daryl taking him out was probably the right thing to do. He just seemed to go a bit overboard with it, that’s all.