The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 7: Most shocking moments

The Walking Dead photo by Gene Page/AMC
The Walking Dead photo by Gene Page/AMC /
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The Walking Dead is nearing the midseason finale with episode 707, and we’ve got the most shocking moments from the episode titled ‘Sing Me a Song’.

For fans complaining about Season 7 having too many bottle episodes, “Sing Me a Song” should put things on the right track. Several of the diverging storylines are coming together heading into 2016’s final episode.

So, as you can expect, the episode is full of shocking moments. Let’s look at the top five, beginning with…

5. Carl makes a hell of an introduction

The  last time we saw Carl Grimes, he was hitching a ride with Jesus back to Negan’s camp. As they get close, Jesus suggests they hop off and go the rest of the way on foot. Carl suggest Jesus go first to show him how it’s done, only to reveal that he is staying on the truck.

The supply truck reaches Negan’s compound, with one of his men coming in to start unloading it. That’s when Carl blasts him away with a machine gun. He emerges and tells the Saviors that he is only after Negan, in revenge for killing Glenn.

As the Saviors close in, Carl takes another one out with the gun. But Dwight gets the drop on him, at which point Negan takes Carl prisoner for the day. Threatening not only Carl’s safety, but Daryl’s as well, Negan gets Carl to comply.