The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 5: Most shocking moments

Credit: Gene Page/AMC
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The Walking Dead pushes a background character to the forefront in episode 706, so let’s go through the five most shocking moments from the show.

Continuing its penchant for utilizing bottle episodes, “Swear” takes viewers completely away from the trouble in Alexandria. It answers the question as to where Tara and Heath have been up to during their two week scavenging run.

But just because Negan isn’t around doesn’t mean drama won’t find these two. Let’s examine the most shocking moments in the episode, starting with…

5. Tara’s washed up

At the start of the episode, we learn that Tara and Heath are separated while on their scavenge. However, it doesn’t reveal right away as to how. Instead, what happens is we’re taken to a beach with two completely new characters. A young woman and a little girl discover a body on the beach, which turns out to be a washed up Tara.

Tara isn’t dead, however. The little girl tries to kill her anyway, but she’s stopped by the older woman, who’s named Cyndie. Cyndie chooses to leave food and water for Tara, urging the younger girl not to “snitch”. The two leave to go back to their camp.

But Tara was playing possum. She was actually awake and watches Cyndie go into the woods. So she follows her to find out where she’s heading.