The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 4: Most shocking moments

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Negan’s reign continues in The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 4, and we’ve gathered the top five most shocking moments from the show.

There was so much going in in the latest outing of The Walking Dead that it couldn’t be contained to 60 minutes. So what happened in “Service” which made the extra half hour of screen time necessary?

We’re going to go through the biggest moments of the episode to find out, starting with…

5. Dwight becomes the new Daryl

Some people have become more sympathetic with Dwight after learning his backstory. Not me. Everybody’s gone through some terrible tragedies by this point in the apocalypse. That doesn’t give Dwight a free pass to be such a prick.

In the new episode, Dwight catches Spencer and Rosita preparing to go on a scavenging mission for Negan. Recalling Daryl’s motorcycle from their previous encounter in the woods, Dwight orders them to bring it back. Like the dick that he is, he also pours out their entire water canteen, telling them not to take too long.

They do, in fact, retrieve Daryl’s motorcycle. And then it becomes more clear as to why he wanted it so much. Dwight tells Daryl that he can have his bike back, but that he only needs to “say the word”. Daryl refuses, so Dwight speeds off on the motorcycle while wearing Daryl’s trademark vest as well.