The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 4: Most shocking moments

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Father Gabriel on The Walking Dead (AMC)
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4. Gabriel’s ingenuity saves Maggie

After Negan smashes Glenn’s brains on the ground in the Season 7 opener, it obviously affects Maggie the most. Negan puts two and two together, surmising that she must’ve been his wife. And in the new episode, he shows truly how sick of a person he really is.

Negan tells Rick that he particularly enjoys widows who’ve just recently lost their husbands. He says that they’re empty inside, but “not for long”. It’s apparent that Negan wishes to take Maggie back to his compound to make her one of his wives. So the leader of the Saviors demands to know where she is.

Rick is at a total loss for words, with a surprise hero stepping up to save the day. Father Gabriel, who has previously been seen as the most worthless member of the group, comes up with a brilliant plan. He convincingly informs Negan that Maggie has passed away from her illness (Negan only knows she is sick, not that she is pregnant).

In fact, Gabe had even buried an additional grave plot to corroborate the story. The ruse manages to fully convince Negan that Maggie is gone. He sees it as a shame, but buys the story, relinquishing his fantasy of ruining Maggie’s life even more.