The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 3: Most shocking moments

The Walking Dead - Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC
The Walking Dead - Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC /
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Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

4. Dwight kills a friend for Negan

It’s clear that despite the tension between the two, Dwight is very loyal to Negan. When a “code orange” comes through, meaning that someone has escaped the compound, Dwight is given a loyalty test. Negan sends him out alone to recapture the escapee. So out he goes, encountering some walkers along the way, but tracking the runner as well as Daryl would.

Eventually, Dwight finds the man, a fellow named Gordon. Gordon mentions that he and Dwight were friends back in the compound. He pleads to just be let go, or to just be killed on the spot. He just does not want to return to the Saviors and would rather die than go back.

Dwight insists that he can’t let Gordon go. Ultimately, Dwight must stay true to his loyalty to the Saviors. So he shoots Gordon dead, but not in the head— he apparently wants him to turn and become a walker.

Later in the episode, we see Gordon being added to the wall of walkers on the fences surrounding the compound. For betraying the Saviors and fleeing, he will be put to work forever on their wall. But this of course earns D some points with the boss.