30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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28. Maher compares Ted Cruz and Donald Trump to Sophie’s Choice

Before it was clear Donald Trump was facing Hillary in the 2016 presidential election, he had other foes to worry about. First, Trump needs to earn the nomination by gathering the most delegates. As the primaries got closer to their respective conventions, the choice for Republican nominee pretty much comes down to two people. This would be Donald Trump and his rival Ted Cruz.

If you want to talk about terrible choices, here’s a prime example. For as awful a president as Trump would be, Cruz doesn’t seem that much better. He compares this selection to Sophie’s Choice, a film which features a woman who had to choose which child of hers would be executed while the other lived. But the difference here, says Maher, is that the problem isn’t that Sophie can’t save both her children— it’s that one of them has to live.

Maher professes that he almost feels bad for Republicans, until he remembers that they brought this upon themselves. There were so many options in the primaries, and it’s despicable that these two were the final contenders. Maher says that while Cruz may be our worst president, Trump could be our last.