30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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29. Maher tells Republicans to punt before they lose the election

A lot of people talk about how the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is a very close one. Others don’t think Trump has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. Real Time host Bill Maher belongs in the latter category.

“The only way you can win this November is by losing,” Maher explains. He notes that there are so many Republicans who cannot even vote for Trump. The National Review even spent an entire issue explaining why not to vote for the nominee. If there are so many within his own party who can’t support him, then it seems unlikely he has a shot at beating Hillary.

So, the best thing to do for the GOP to do is to accept defeat. They’re not going to beat Clinton in November. And if they were smart, suggests Maher, they would recognize this and take advantage of Clinton’s presidency. “Who are you going to hate every day?” Maher asks, referring to Obama leaving office soon. He also mentions the added perk of being able to impeach Hillary for whatever reason, saying we can’t impeach her if we don’t elect her first.