30 most shocking South Park moments ever

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South Park (Photo: Comedy Central)
South Park (Photo: Comedy Central) /

22. Kenny gets high on cat pee

In the elementary school, Mr. Mackey lectures the students about the dangers of drugs. He talks about the crazy ways people are getting high, and mentions a new fad called cheesing. This entails spraying oneself with male cat urine, as it causes hallucinations. Mr. Mackey warns the kids to never, ever do anything like this.

So, naturally, this only convinces the children to give it a try. The group goes to Cartman’s house and they tie up his cat, Mr. Kitty. Then the feline shoots Kenny in the face with urine, sending him into an insane hallucinogenic trip. He imagines himself flying through space with a well endowed woman. These visuals are reminiscent of the cult classic film Heavy Metal.

His friends snap him back to reality, but Kenny isn’t happy about it. Determined to go back to that magical place, Kenny grows addicted to cheesing. The craze gets so popular that the South Park residents move to ban all cats from town. By the end, Kenny manages to kick the kitty addiction, but finds a new source of getting high. By aggressively sniffing the right flowers, Kenny returns to that magical fantasy world.