30 most shocking South Park moments ever

South Park - Photo: Comedy Central
South Park - Photo: Comedy Central /
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South Park (Photo: Comedy Central)
South Park (Photo: Comedy Central) /

2. Cartman feeds Scott Tenorman his own parents

Of all the despicable things Eric Cartman has done throughout the series, this is probably his most evil. It’s one of the most talked about moments of South Park and a defining moment for the character. You certainly already know what I’m talking about, but let’s recap it anyway.

Cartman buys pubic hair from a ninth grade bully named Scott Tenorman, believing it means he’s hit puberty. Realizing Tenorman is scamming him, Cartman fails in getting the money back. Scott burns it right in front of him, prompting a bitter Cartman to plot revenge.

It all leads to a chili cook-off. Tenorman wants to humiliate Cartman in front of everyone by inserting pubic hairs from every boy in town in Cartman’s chili. Meanwhile, Cartman delivers his own special chili to Tenorman. They each scarf the bowls, when Tenorman reveals the secret ingredient.

But Cartman is one step ahead of everyone this time. He foresees this happening and switches out his chili with Chef’s. He then reveals he put his own special ingredient in Scott’s chili. After getting Scott’s parents shot and killed by a farmer, Cartman steals their bodies and dismembers them. They are added to the chili, which Scott confirms by pulling out a human finger.

It is an incredibly disturbing if not oddly funny moment, and a turning point for both Cartman and the entire series.