30 most shocking South Park moments ever

South Park - Photo: Comedy Central
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South Park (Photo: Comedy Central)
South Park (Photo: Comedy Central) /

3. The word “shit” is said 162 separate times in one episode

Over the years since the dawn of television, censors have been easing up. Words we couldn’t have dreamed of hearing on TV years ago are now spoken freely on nearly every television program. I guess after a certain amount of time, some words aren’t as offensive as they used to be.

When it comes to the infamous S-word, mentioning it on air was once a complete no-no. By season 5 of South Park, though, it was becoming more acceptable to use in certain contexts. You can’t use it as a noun when referring to excrement. But if you’re using it to express disappointment, there’s no need to censor it.

South Park satirized this in a way only they can. When a TV show utters the word, everyone in South Park begins using it freely. It turns out to be a legitimately cursed word, and it even summons an evil dragon. Apparently everyone was saying it a bit too much.

All in all, the word “shit” is spoken 162 separate times. If you’re counting times the written word itself is shown, that brings the number up to 200. Censors opened the door for TV shows to get away with using that word, and South Park ran with it to set the record.