30 most shocking South Park moments ever

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14. Jimmy gets ‘roid rage

When the Special Olympics takes place in South Park, you can leave it to Eric Cartman to try to ruin it. The disabled boys in town, Jimmy and Timmy, join the competition eagerly. But noticing a thousand dollar grand prize for the winner, Cartman fakes a mental handicap to be able to participate as well.

But Cartman underestimates his abilities. He is so out of shape that he is no match for the other competitors. Handicapped or not, the others have spent a lot of time training for this. Cartman is left in the dust, only winning a pizza gift card as a consolation prize.

Cartman isn’t the only cheater in the Special Olympics, however. To get an edge, Jimmy takes up using steroids. He beefs up big time, but at the cost of his sanity. The steroids give him an uncontrollable rage, which sees him assault his own girlfriend and mother.

When Jimmy sees Cartman faking his mental handicap, he nearly flies into another rage. But he finally sees the error in taking steroids, and vows to never take them again. Ashamed, he returns the medal he won in the event. Surprisingly, the crowd all cheers his honesty.