30 most shocking South Park moments ever

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15. Chef returns to the show only to die horribly

Everyone is probably familiar with the infamous Scientology episode of South Park. Although the series has been roasting all religions from its beginnings, the Scientology episode created drama behind the scenes. Isaac Hayes, the voice of Chef, left the series soon after it aired as he was a practicing Scientologist.

It seemed unlikely Hayes would ever return to the series, so Trey Parker and Matt Stone chose to write him off. But it couldn’t be as simple as having Chef move away, or simply vanish. No, he had to be humiliated first, before dying in a brutal fashion.

First, using dialogue Hayes recorded for Chef in the years prior, they use him to voice the character. His words are manipulated to make it seem as if he’s a sexual predator. The boys come to find out he’s been brainwashed by a group of perverted explorers— a metaphor for Scientology.

Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman nearly save Chef from being lost to the club. However, the cafeteria worker ends up falling from a bridge, splattering on the rocks below. He is definitely dead and never coming back, a bittersweet goodbye to Isaac Hayes.