Jimmy Kimmel Live tricks people about Trump on Dancing with the Stars


Jimmy Kimmel Live asks people about Donald Trump’s performance on Dancing with the Stars in the latest edition of Lie Witness News.

Jimmy Kimmel Live once again took to the streets to see how far people would stretch the truth when asked about a subject that never actually occurred for the recurring man on the street segment, “Lie Witness News.” During Tuesday’s episode, the show convinced people that Donald Trump made an appearance on Dancing with the Stars the night before even though the new season has yet to premiere.

“Now obviously Donald Trump wasn’t on Dancing With the Stars last night. The new season doesn’t start till September 12,” Kimmel said in introducing the clip. “But did that prevent people from giving their takes on Trump’s imaginary performance? Absolutely not, in tonight’s ‘Dancing with the Donald’ edition of ‘Lie Witness News.'”

The first interviewee admitted that Trump wasn’t a very good dancer, but gave him credit for at least attempting to do the cha-cha. The second participant claimed that there was a Twitter beef about the performance, while another man laughed about Trump’s wig allegedly falling off during his dance number.

“He needs to get a new one,” he said.

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The questioner next asked about staunch Trump supporter and RNC speaker Scott Baio crying while sitting in the audience, which a woman claimed made her emotional as well.

The person that was first interviewed then wrongly claimed that Trump proposed to build a wall between Canada and the United States, which was supposedly represented when he broke through a wall at the end of his performance.

The show then dragged Hillary Clinton into the mix by convincing more than one person that she danced with Trump during a number where the Republican spun her around violently as they danced the tango, and later dropped her during a dip.

“Hopefully she’s okay. Hopefully she’ll recover before the election,” one passerby said, before looking directly into the camera to wish her a speedy recovery with her husband, Bill, by her side.

Watch the full segment below:

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Jimmy Kimmel Live recently tricked people with questions about Clinton when they asked about her big announcement during the episode she appeared on, and previously trolled her supporters by getting them to agree with things Trump said after telling them they were quoting Clinton.

Jimmy Kimmel Live airs Monday through Thursday at 11:35 p.m. on ABC. The rest of this week’s guests include Aaron Eckhart, Cat Deeley, Winona Ryder and Casey Wilson.