Jimmy Kimmel responds to Hillary Clinton “PickleGate” conspiracy theorists


Jimmy Kimmel reacts to social media users who think Hillary Clinton’s pickle jar opening was faked.

There are several conspiracy theories surrounding Hillary Clinton’s health that are being furthered by Donald Trump and several of his surrogates like Rudy Giuliani, as well as supporters of the Republican nominee, who responded to the politician’s challenge of opening a pickle jar on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live by claiming that the whole thing was fake.

During Tuesday’s opening monologue, Kimmel addressed the conspiracy theory, dubbed “PickleGate,” by reading several social media messages that addressed the idea that the pickle jar was pre-opened since no “pop” sound could be heard.

“She now seems to have a solid lead over Donald Trump, so the new thing, which makes no sense to me at all, is her opponents are questioning her health,” the host explained. “A lot of people who do not like Hillary Clinton say that she’s too sick to be president. They say she had a concussion, she won’t be alive, which is kind of funny because you’d think those people would be happy that she isn’t alive long.”

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He then stated that the negative response that his show received from the pickle jar stunt “made it seem like we faked the moon landing,” joking that the scandal should be called “Dill-ghazi”. Kimmel then read several angry tweets from people who noted the lack of a “pop” sound, while one user even encouraged Trump to film himself opening a jar of pickles to “show her how it’s done.”

“First of all, we didn’t loosen the pickle jar,” Kimmel assured viewers. “Secondly, she opened a pickle jar, it’s not like she lifted an 18-wheeler off a baby. This is nuts!”

However, the comedian revealed that the pickle jar conspiracy theorists were focusing on the wrong scandal. Instead, they should know that Clinton doesn’t actually exists, but was created using CGI during her appearance on the show, a technique that “just so happens to be the initials of the Clinton Global Initiative.”

“So think about that for awhile, you pickleheads,” he concluded.

Watch the full clip below:

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Kimmel wasn’t the only late-night host to cover the growing conspiracy theories surrounding Clinton’s health. Stephen Colbert mocked Trump’s attempts to make people believe his rival has a medical condition on The Late Show’s cold open on Tuesday night by using a Hillary version of the Operation board game, and he later ridiculed Giuliani’s suggestion to Google the phrase “Hillary Clinton illness” during his opening monologue.

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