30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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3. Colbert goes through Hillary Clinton’s purse

When Hillary Clinton appeared on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” for an interview, she made the comment that she regularly carried around hot sauce in her purse. With a recent Beyonce song that mentioned hot sauce becoming so popular, a lot of people took this is a way for Clinton to try to pander to African American voters.

Stephen Colbert mocked these accusations on The Late Show, pretending to have stolen Clinton’s purse to go through its contents for everyone to see. While he did find hot sauce inside, Colbert suggested that there was something else she carried around to appeal to the African American crowd:

“Hillary does carry around hot sauce, this is true. She does carry around hot sauce, but it is not to pander to African Americans. No, to pander to African Americans, she carries around a picture of her husband— which also might be why she carries around a baseball bat.”

Colbert continues to pull out random objects from Clinton’s purse, showcasing all the odd things she supposedly carries around to pander to different voter demographics. That includes a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker for young voters, and even a live baby for voting moms.

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