30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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4. What an endorsement from Oprah really means

Celebrity endorsements are something that ultimately don’t really mean much, but they’re always made into a big deal in the media. Donald Trump has had famous folks like Scott Baio, Roseanne Barr, Clint Eastwood, and the cast of Duck Dynasty putting their names behind him in support of his presidential run.

We saw Bernie Sanders get a lot of attention from various celebrities when he was actively campaigning for president. Susan Sarandon, Sarah Silverman, and Killer Mike are just a few of his well known supporters who made their endorsements of him public knowledge before he suspended his presidential campaign.

And, of course, Hillary Clinton has gotten a lot of love from celebrities as well, with big names like Robert DeNiro, Meryl Streep, and Lady Gaga rooting for her to become the next president. But one of the easiest ones for Stephen Colbert to mock on The Late Show came when the almighty Oprah Winfrey herself formally endorsed Clinton. As we all know Oprah’s reputation for having a gargantuan ego and an obsession with herself, it gave way to an opportunity for this line:

“Oprah thinks that Secretary Clinton will make a great second-most powerful woman in the world.”

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