30 most scorching Jon Stewart takedowns of Republicans

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19. Stewart points out Mike Huckabee’s hypocrisy

Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee had some harsh words for the pop star Beyonce when he appeared on The Daily Show in 2015. Considering her an inappropriate role model based on the vulgarity of her music, Huckabee likened Queen B to what he called “mental poison”.

But Jon Stewart thought that was truly outrageous, and he had a surprise for Huckabee in the form of a video clip of the politician playing bass guitar with Ted Nugent for a rendition of “Cat Scratch Fever”. That is, of course, a song loaded with sexual references— it’s just a different genre of music, performed by a singer whose political interests more closely align with Huckabee’s.

Huckabee gets totally shut down by Stewart with the video, struggling to explain the difference. But there was really nothing he could say to defend himself, especially after Stewart spelled it out for Huckabee and all of the viewers with this accurate burn:

“You excuse that type of crudeness because you agree with his stance on firearms. You don’t approve of Beyonce because she seems alien to you. Johnny Cash shot a man just to watch him die; that’s some gangsta shit!”

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