30 most scorching Jon Stewart takedowns of Republicans

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20. Stewart zings Bill O’Reilly again on white privilege

One of the most common beliefs with the Republican party is that the idea of racism in modern society is now mostly non-existent. Because African-Americans have made so much progress compared to where they were in the country just fifty years ago, many conservatives feel as if blacks don’t have it so much harder than whites anymore.

Bill O’Reilly has said several times that he does not believe in the concept of white privilege, and even when he’s presented with alternate viewpoints on that opinion, he never seems to waver. This only gave Jon Stewart the chance to make him look like a fool repeatedly, by attacking this logic on several occasions.

So even O’Reilly had to admit that it is, in fact, “harder” to get ahead in this country if you’re a “ghetto kid”. But he continues to dismiss it as nothing more than a slight change in difficulty, insisting that they still can do it. This opened the door for Stewart to explain it in such a way that even stubborn O’Reilly himself should be able to understand:

“Yes, you can! You can also win the hundred yard dash on one leg. But it’s harder!”

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