Apple Music is making a Carpool Karaoke TV show


There is going to be a Carpool Karaoke TV show, because of course there will be.

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James Corden may not be in direct competition with the other kings of late night right now, but he’s there in spirit. Many believe he’s pulling the weight of Stephen Colbert on The Late Show  and it’s only a matter of time before he replaces his colleague.

Until then though, Corden is making waves beyond the 12:30am time slot and is making his mark in the world of viral content. He has so much if a grasp on it that other companies are buying his ideas to use.

Case in point, Apple Music branching out into the world of produced television with their own Carpool Karaoke series.

Apple announced the news this week:

"“We love music, and ‘Carpool Karaoke’ celebrates it in a fun and unique way that is a hit with audiences of all ages,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services. “It’s a perfect fit for Apple Music — bringing subscribers exclusive access to their favorite artists and celebrities who come along for the ride.”"

Before you get ahead of yourself in thinking this is a bad idea, it’s not actually going to air on television. Apple is going to be releasing 16-episodes over the course of 16-weeks exclusively on its streaming service.

So while it’s a gamble, it’s not the steep cliff that you may be thinking it is by putting it on actual television.

That being said, Corden isn’t involved in the hosting of the show and he’s only executive producing it. This raises the question of whether or not it’s going to water the brand that the show has created with Carpool Karaoke, as Corden is now in direct competition with himself when it comes to creating viral content.

What we should really be taking away from this though is Corden has once again proven himself to be the real king of late night on CBS, and he’s one step closer to coming for Colbert’s seat.