Best SNL cast member from each state

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Many talented comedians from all over have entertained audiences with stints on the popular sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live, but who’s the funniest one from each state?

If nothing else, the SNL cast over these past several decades has been diverse. We’ve seen people appearing on the show with different comedic styles or appearances, with unique takes on the characters they bring.

One thing that separates many of them would be where they came from. Obviously, quite a few New Yorkers have worked their way onto the series— as that’s where SNL calls home, after all. But several other talented individuals from many other American states have made us laugh with their various characters shown on the series as well.

So, let’s go through and pick the funniest SNL actor from each state. Unfortunately, several states haven’t yet had any of its inhabitants work their way onto the show yet, so don’t be too disappointed if you’re from South Carolina, Colorado, Hawaii, or one of many others not listed in this slideshow. It only means nobody from your state has appeared on the show yet, so if you start practicing your celebrity impersonations now, you could be the first!

With that said, let’s begin the slideshow…

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