Best SNL cast member from each state

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Randy Quaid on SNL (NBC)
Randy Quaid on SNL (NBC) /

Randy Quaid (Texas)

Randy Quaid has been in so many movies and TV shows by now that it’s easy to forget that he was also part of the cast of Saturday Night Live. Joining the show for Season 11 back in the mid 1980s, Quaid brought that unique, comedy charm we now know him for with him, and he was one of the funniest cast members of the year.

One particularly memorable Quaid character would be the Floating Head, a parody of Rod Serling in a segment called “The Limits of the Imagination”, a take on The Twilight Zone. But perhaps his best would be Rudy Randolph, Jr., a Texan pitchman in cowboy garb trying to hock the worst products imaginable to consumers. This would include things like furniture that smelled like dead bodies, and similar horrible products.

Quaid didn’t have to look too far for ideas on the Rudy Randolph, Jr., character. The comedian himself grew up in Houston, and would commonly see similar people in the ads he watched throughout his childhood. You could say he was someone who understood Texans.

While Quaid would ultimately leave SNL at the end of the season, he managed to entertain during his brief tenure.

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