Best SNL cast member from each state

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Jason Sudeikis on SNL (NBC)
Jason Sudeikis on SNL (NBC) /

Jason Sudeikis (Virginia)

While Jason Sudeikis was originally born in Fairfax, Virginia, he would later move to Kansas where he’d eventually perform at ComedySportz in Kansas City. Finding limited success, he relocated again to Chicago  and then Nevada after he helped form Second City Las Vegas. It was there when he finally caught a break and was hired as a Saturday Night Live sketch writer in 2003.

Serving as a writer on the series, Sudeikis would regularly appear on the show as an extra or in bit parts. In 2005, he was promoted to become a featured player on the show, getting bumped up again the following year to repertory player. Once SNL gave him the opportunity, he showed how hilarious he was, and they knew they had to utilize his talents more. He’d go on to appear in countless hysterical sketches in the coming years.

Sudeikis would stay on the series for several years as one of the funniest performers, ultimately deciding to leave in 2013. But although he’s no longer on SNL, you can still see him frequently popping up in various movies and TV spots. He’s now one of the funniest actors of today, and his time on SNL was what made him into a star.

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