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Kevin Nealon on SNL (NBC)
Kevin Nealon on SNL (NBC) /

Kevin Nealon (Missouri)

Kevin Nealon kicked off his television career by doing stand-up comedy bits on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in the early 1980s. Just a few years later, his comedian pal Dana Carvey landed a gig on Saturday Night Live, and Carvey suggested producers take a look at Nealon as well. The suggestion worked, and Nealon was brought along on the series as well, becoming a full-time performer starting in 1987.

Together, Carvey and Nealon created the characters Hans and Franz, a pair of muscular, Austrian bodybuilders spoofing Arnold Schwarzenegger. In recent years, the pair have reprised these roles for various TV spots. Some of Nealon’s other notable SNL characters include Mr. Subliminal and Mr. No Depth Perception.

Nealon’s best work on the program, however, was as the host of Weekend Update. His brand of humor worked incredibly well when it came to satirizing the news, and he always ended each segment with, “I’m Kevin Nealon, and that’s news to me.”

Ultimately, Nealon would serve nine seasons on the program before moving on to other memorable TV roles, such as lovable stoner Doug Wilson on Weeds and as the voice of the titular Glenn Martin on Glenn Martin, DDS. He’s also a regular in Happy Madison films.

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