Best SNL cast member from each state

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Fred Armisen on SNL (NBC)
Fred Armisen on SNL (NBC) /

Fred Armisen (Mississippi)

Comedian Fred Armisen was born in Mississippi, and at an early age, he decided he wanted to perform after watching The Clash and Devo on TV. He learned to play guitar and was very involved in music, eventually relocating to Chicago where he played with Trenchmouth and the Blue Man Group. But aside from his passion for music was a strong interest to be on TV somehow, he just didn’t know in what way.

After managing to snag some roles on comedy shows like Crank Yankers and some comedy appearances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Armisen became a featured player on Saturday Night Live in 2002. He was so funny that he’d wind up sticking around until 2013 as a regular cast member, still returning for special appearances in the following years.

Armisen has managed to appear in over 850 sketches on the show— second to only Kenan Thompson. He has so many awesome and unique characters that you’d be hard-pressed to remember them all, but one of his most notable roles was his take on the president, Barack Obama. His comedy prowess has since parlayed into Armisen’s own hilarious sketch comedy series on IFC Portlandia, which he co-created with comedy partner Carrie Brownstein.

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