Best SNL cast member from each state

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Amy Poehler on SNL (NBC)
Amy Poehler on SNL (NBC) /

Amy Poehler (Massachusetts)

Amy Poehler is, by default, one of the funniest women ever to appear on Saturday Night Live. That’s because she is one of the funniest women ever. We’ve seen this proven through all of her TV and film roles, such as the lead character Leslie Knope on the awesome show Parks and Recreation. So of course she would kill it on SNL.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Poehler would graduate from Boston College in the early 90s, moving to Chicago soon after to focus on improv and comedy. She would actually form the iconic Upright Citizens Brigade comedy troupe with Matt Besser, Matt Walsh, and Ian Roberts. The four were able to get a hysterical sketch comedy show on Comedy Central which lasted for three seasons.

Poehler would eventually start her gig on SNL on the first episode produced after 9/11. During her debut season, Poehler was so good she was promoted from featured player to main cast member. A few years in, she could become the co-host of Weekend Update along with Tina Fey (and later Seth Meyers). She would leave the series on her own terms in 2008, often making guest appearances in the coming years with her hilarious take on Hillary Clinton.

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