Best SNL cast member from each state

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Tim Meadows on SNL (NBC)
Tim Meadows on SNL (NBC) /

Tim Meadows (Michigan)

Tim Meadows is one of the longest-serving cast members to have been featured on Saturday Night Live, as the former record holder for the longest tenure (until Darrell Hammond surpassed him in 2005). He spent ten seasons on the series before leaving the series, but can still regularly be seen performing improv or showing up in various roles in feature films.

Hailing from Highland Park, Michigan, Meadows got his start in comedy by doing improv at the Soup Kitchen Saloon in Detroit. To expand upon that career he moved to Chicago to perform with The Second City comedy group before being cast on SNL in 1991. For years, Meadows would spoof celebrities like Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods, and O.J. Simpson, often joking about how he had no original characters on the series.

Of course, that eventually changed when he was given the role of Leon Phelps, better known as “The Ladies Man”. Seeing himself as God’s gift to women, Phelps hosted a talk show which basically only served as a vehicle to hit on women. That character would go on to be adapted into a feature film in 2000, with Meadows serving as the main star. The film has since become a cult classic.

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