John Oliver mocks Clinton’s VP pick Tim Kaine on Last Week Tonight


John Oliver compares Democratic vice presidential pick Tim Kaine to a rice cooker with instructions in Spanish.

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John Oliver spent the majority of Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight ripping the RNC’s fear-based rhetoric, and was later joined by famous musicians to take a look at campaign songs, but he started the show by commenting on Hillary Clinton’s safe selection of Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate.

Oliver began by mentioning that the Democratic National Convention was already off to a bumpy start thanks to the resignation of their chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who stepped down due to the revelations in the DNC email leak. He added that Clinton wasn’t helped by her uninspiring choice for vice president, who various pundits described as dull.

“Okay, we get it, Tim Kaine is boring,” Oliver said. “He’s a white gym sock pulled all the way up. He’s a Granny Smith apple for dessert. He’s a single dry hump in the missionary position.”

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Other members of the media attempted to come to Kaine’s defense, offering such facts as him winning a spelling bee, his Spanish-speaking skills, and his ability to play a harmonica as a counterpoint to the argument that he’s uninteresting, but Oliver wasn’t convinced, comparing his harmonica playing to a talent show participant at an insurance firm.

The comedian went on to liken the choice to a gift from Clinton to the party base that turned out to be rice cooker that cooks plain white rice but has Spanish instructions, instead of something cool like a “puppy, PlayStation or Elizabeth Warren.”

He added that Donald Trump also went with a rice cooker pick in Mike Pence, except it’s one that’s “covered in homophobic slurs, which is currently being held a chimpanzee who could bite your face off.”

Oliver concluded: “So you know, relax Democrats. It could have been worse.”

Watch the clip below:

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Oliver wasn’t the only late-night host to make fun of Kaine’s dullness. Late Night host Seth Meyers joked on Monday that the senator is “so boring he makes Mike Pence look like Guy Fieri,” and that he “gives speeches in a life jacket,” but conceded that he might get under Trump’s skin because he speaks Spanish.

While both men focused on Kaine’s personality (or lack thereof), Bernie Sanders’ DNC delegates have been critical of him for being supportive of the TPP, and for his overall lack of progressive credentials. They even sought to get their own alternative candidate on the ballot ahead of Tuesday’s roll call vote, but were unsuccessful. Kaine is slated to speak to the convention crowd on Wednesday.

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