John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight sold over 50,000 Drumpf hats


John Oliver’s popular “Make Donald Drumpf Again” segment helped Last Week Tonight sell more than 50,000 Drumpf hats.

John Oliver’s widely-circulated clip lambasting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Last Week Tonight, where he called on viewers to “Make Donald Drumpf Again,” not only became HBO’s most-viewed content ever, but has also sparked sales for the hats emblazoned with the phrase. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show has sold over 50,000 of the hats through the cable network’s online store.

The red “Drumpf” hat has sold 36,000, while a total of 17,000 of the blue version have been purchased. Both are currently available for the low cost of $15, “because we know nothing would irritate [Trump] more than someone choosing not to make a profit,” according to the Last Week Tonight website. The price has been lowered from $17.50 due to high demand.

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The hats are a take on Trump’s own “Make America Great Again” hats and campaign slogan. It was revealed earlier this week that the businessman’s campaign spent over $20,000 on hats last month amid poor fundraising totals compared to his presumptive rival, Hillary Clinton. CNN Money reports that his “campaign spent more on hats, t-shirts and mugs than on ads or payroll” in May. The billionaire is currently in Scotland where he is celebrating the reopening of his golf course, Trump Turnberry. The resort’s staff were required to wear “Made Turnberry Great Again” hats during his visit, showing how much his campaign’s slogan and merchandise have become an integral part of his brand.

It was revealed in April that Oliver’s “Make Donald Drumpf Again” segment had amassed 85 million views, including 23.3 million YouTube views and 62 million views on Facebook, easily become the late-night show’s most-watched clip to date, with a piece on the corruption in FIFA coming in a distant second. Oliver purposely avoided discussing Trump before this season of Last Week Tonight, but has since covered several aspects of his campaign, including a piece criticizing his plans to build a wall, and another where he took a closer look at the lawsuits against Trump University.

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